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Here is a brief note to explain the ways to keep your floors clean and relatively damage-free.

DO NOT WET MOP (This can cause excessive cupping).

DO NOT USE BLUE TAPE (as this can cause the finish to peel up once the tape is removed).

Being a product of nature, new hardwood floor will expand in the Summer and shrink in the Winter.  This is quite normal, although one will see slight cupping or cracks depending on the humidity in your home.  Please be patient. This acclimation period (the time needed for the floor to stabilize) might be as long as 2-4 years, after which it will be less noticeable.  Unfinished floors that have been sanded on site may need to be re-sanded to eliminate any irregularities caused during this process.  This would be an owner incurred expense.  We highly recommend that a dehumidifier be placed in the home, if in close proximity to the ocean, or if high humidity conditions exist in the home.  This will help eliminate possible cupping.

Your floor has been final coated with a commercial grade water base urethane.  This product is a high-solids urethane that will have small clear solids evident within the finish. Some airborne dust or animal hair may land on the floor while still wet.  These imperfections cannot be avoided and will usually disappear over time.  Because of the chemical makeup of these finishes, no water or cleaning products should be used on the floor for a period of 2 weeks.  The finish will “cure”, or dry to 90% hardness within 3 days.  It will “cure” to 100% within 2 weeks.  During this curing process please be cautious as you walk or place items as the floors will scratch.  Scratches will occur over time, but typically won’t harm the longevity of the floor.


Daily cleaning with vacuum, dust mop, Swiffers.  10% White Vinegar to 90% Water on a wrung out sponge mop followed by a dry towel for monthly cleaning.  Bona Kemi Hardwood cleaner (apply as per instructions on bottle).  Bona Kemi is available online at Amazon, or Target.  It can also be found at Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl's, or Home Depot stores.


As long as you AVOID waxing (IE: Pledge, Endust, Murphy's Oil Soap, etc.) your floors can be re-coated with polyurethane anytime from 1-10 years down the road.  Relative cost in today's market is 1.00/sq.ft. for the 1st coat, and 0.50/sq.ft. for a 2nd coat.


Please, NO high heels (stiletto type) to be worn by your guests.  These can cause irreparable damage to the floors.  We’re sure your guests will understand once you explain the costs of re-sanding.  Floors are susceptible to abrasion.  Please place stiff, brush type doormats at all exterior doors to dislodge sand particles embedded in shoes.  Avoid dragging or shuffling chairs, or other heavy objects at all times (even mattresses).  Commercial grade, self-stick felt glides are available at Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.  We can also supply a higher quality, tap-in glide at cost.

If there is a sticky substance like gum, you may use DeSolv It, available at Walmart, Smart & Final or Stater Brothers.  Spray some on the substance and then wipe off with a clean cloth or paper towel.  Black marks left from shoes should rub off with little effort. You can use paint thinner as well.  Clean after with Bona Kemi.

On older floors that have been waxed or oiled, our finish may repel away from deeply embedded residue. Evidence of this may be visual in the seams between the boards, and at the end joints.  If your floors have been refinished with satin finish, they may be a little “streaky” initially due to the agents in the finish. This streaking will dissipate over a few months’ time and the sheen will become more uniform.  If your floors have gloss finish on them, defects that cannot be sanded out will show up more dramatically than other sheens.

Enjoy your floors.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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