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How do we get an estimate?

Call the office and talk to Elizabeth or email and we will schedule a convenient time for Wayne to come to your home.  They will take measurements of the areas needing attention, show you pictures of completed projects similar to your own.  They will thoroughly answer all of questions you may have.

Who will move our furniture?

Although most of our customers prefer to move their own furniture, we will be happy to help with larger items.  We recommend pianos, grandfather clocks and antiques be removed and replaced by professionals for your peace of mind.  All personal items i.e. clothing, pictures, etc. should be removed prior to our arrival.

How long will our refinish take to complete?

This, of course, depends on the size and complexity of the project.  However, most medium sized homes with living room, dining room and 3 bedrooms will take approximately one week for completion.  Staining your floor to custom color will add a few days to most jobs.  Wayne will give a more accurate estimation at bid time.

Will the process be dusty?

Yes!  However, we use dust collection systems on our equipment that remove approximately 90% of all dust.  We also vacuum walls and dust all surfaces before completion.  We make it a point to mask off all adjoining areas to the hardwood flooring prior to the sanding process.  You will still need to lightly dust and clean windows etc. before moving your furniture back into place.

Are the finishes used on our floors toxic?

Our first coat/sealers may be V.O.C. compliant paint thinner based products.  These are typical finishes that one would find in nearly all homes.  They are toxic to many small animals, birds and fish while in the evaporative stage.  Some of our customers may also be sensitive to these products during this time.  Our top coat finishes are typically water based.  Although less prevalent, allergies to these chemicals are possible during the curing stage as well.  We recommend that you and all of your “loved ones” temporarily vacate the area during the refinish process.  After the floors have dried, the paint thinner and water base finishes are inert and safe for nearly all persons and pets.  They contain no known “constant emitting” chemicals, however most of our customers allow an additional day after completion before moving back in.  You may notice a slight odor until your floors harden to 100% in approximately 2 weeks.  If you have any concerns, let our estimators know and we will cover thoroughly any concerns you may have.

Since you may use paint thinner base products, aren’t these flammable?

Yes! We will be shutting off all appliances that have an open flame pilot light and are located close to the refinish areas.  You will need to re-light these upon completion.

Will there be touchup painting we will need to do on our moldings?

Yes.  Although we make every effort to steer clear of the door casings and base molding, we sometimes need to rub against these to complete the sanding process.  Also, a small amount of stain or finish may transfer onto the molding during the refinish process.  Please be prepared to touch up paint as needed after completion.

Will our old hardwood floor look like new?

Possibly.  This depends on the age, previous damage incurred and products once used on your hardwood flooring.  Normally, “aged” hardwood floors have some imperfections.  If your floors have been waxed or oiled, our finishes may react to residue chemicals imbedded in deep grain or between the seams of the floor boards.  Some older floors have unusual stains caused by animals or excessive carpet washing.  These may or may not come out with the sanding   

In prepping for the final coating stage, we make every effort to create a sterile environment.  However airborne dust and/or animal hair may settle onto the floor while we are final coating.  These are usually minor visual imperfections that can be scraped off or in time are “walked off” naturally.  Our typical customers’ comment upon completion of their older floors is “fantastic!” or “beautiful!” or “wow! what a difference!”

Are there any precautions prior to moving back in?

Yes.  We will ask you to place felt glides on all chair and table legs, hutches, pianos or other furniture that may scratch your floors when moved or displaced.  Also, all area rugs need to remain off of the floor for a period of 2 weeks.  Animals who are not used to hardwood may try to extend their claws to “grip” the floors.  Please keep them calm and slowly introduce them to the hardwood after the curing process in complete (if possible).  Please do not use water based products on the floor for a period of 2 weeks after completion.

Anything else we should know?

Of course!  As is the case with any construction project, unforeseen problems may arise that are not specifically covered in the original contract.  Older hardwood floors covered by carpeting often have termite damaged boards or stains caused by plants and/or animals.  There may be old heater holes covered with plywood that will need to be addressed on the day of arrival.  This is fairly common and we will point out any additional work or costs prior to moving forward with the project.  It is a very rare occurrence that we cannot resolve all flooring issues to your satisfaction.

When do we pay for the refinish?

Unlike most companies, it would be unusual for our company to ask for any payment prior to completion of your project.  This practice gives our customers complete confidence that we will give our best effort to make their floors as beautiful as can be.  Our company takes all forms of payment including cash and all credit cards for your convenience.

Note:  We have placed on our website a general maintenance sheet for our customers to refer to regarding the care/upkeep of your hardwood floors.