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How do we get an estimate?  

Just call our office and talk with Elizabeth, or email us and we will schedule a convenient time for Wayne to come to your home.  They will take measurements of the areas you would like new flooring, show you samples of different woods and pictures of our previous installations. They will offer tips and ideas that will help create the perfect complement to your existing décor.

How do we get additional samples?

We have two hardwood flooring wholesale houses that are conveniently located in San Diego that are stocked with the finest hardwoods for all of your flooring needs. They offer unfinished and pre-finished hardwood flooring in a variety of widths, lengths and species.  Samples of most products are available for you to take home if desired.

The flooring companies we recommend (listed alphabetically) are:

Galleher, Inc.

7595 Raytheon Road

San Diego, CA 92111

(858) 578-5400

Old Master Products, Inc.

8828 Complex Dr

San Diego, CA 92123

(858) 565-8886

The above companies’ representatives are happy to help you with your selection. You may browse at your own pace.  Feel free to mention that we sent you in as we have been recommending clients to them for many years.  Since these companies are true wholesale houses, they will normally not give pricing information, but feel free to call us and we will promptly get the prices for you based on the product name or number.  If you would like, we can arrange to meet in the showroom and get pricing and availability of product for you immediately.

Can you match our existing hardwood flooring?

In most cases, yes we can match.  Our estimators can determine the species and all other relevant information specific to your flooring.  Occasionally, some pre-finished products that were installed 5 or more years prior may be unavailable.  However, we can usually offer a similar or complimentary product that will fit nicely with your existing flooring.  Our expertise is in blending your new flooring into your existing to create a seamless look.

How about unfinished hardwood to match our older floors?

This is our specialty.  We can determine the appropriate species and size of your existing flooring and tie-in or “patch” as needed.  Unlike pre-finished flooring, we will need to allow the newly installed floor to acclimate to your existing environment before we can sand and finish.  The waiting time can be approximated on our first day of installation.

What if we find and purchase our own wood flooring?  Would you still install it for us?

Absolutely!  We are happy to help you in any way we can.  We can offer you pointers before you purchase in terms of quality products and fair pricing, as well as quantities and accessories needed to complete your project.

What do we need to do before you arrive for installation?

Please have the rooms to be installed free of furniture and personal items including pictures and the like. We can help with large furniture and items as needed.  We will have the wood product and all accessories delivered prior to, or on the first scheduled day of work.  We may ask you for a check that covers the cost of the material either before (special order material), or at the time of delivery.

Can you install base moldings for us?

Of course! We have many designs available in wood to match your flooring or paint grade (pre-primed) to match your décor.  Note that primered base will need to be painted by a third party after completion.

How soon after install can we start living on our new floors?

If we are using pre-finished flooring, it is usually ready to be walked on by the following day (after completion).  Normally, furniture, area rugs etc. can be placed in the room on that day.  If we are installing un-finished wood, there will be a delay of 2-4 weeks before we begin the sand/finish process. This is so the new wood can acclimate to your existing sub-floor.  In the interim, you may move back in on the floors as needed.

Any tips to keep our new floors looking great?

Yes.  We recommend felt glides under all furniture pieces that may move around on your floors.  We can purchase and install these for you as desired.  We will have additional pointers specific to your flooring that we will address before our departure.  There is also a general maintenance sheet available on our website to address routine cleaning and maintenance needs.

Anything else we should be prepared for?

Always.  Most sub-floor areas will need preparatory work prior to installation.  This may include leveling and other work that may need to be “bid” on an hourly basis.  We will give you an approximation of the time and materials after we remove existing floor coverings.  Please note this is normally a small percentage of the overall costs of the project.  Most installation can be noisy and smelly, particularly for the elderly, children and pets.  Because of these concerns it is best they are away from the premises.  We typically do most of our board cutting etc. away from the installation and need an area available to us for this purpose.  As with all general construction, unforeseen problems may arise that will need to be addressed at the time of installation.  Touchup painting and minor cleanup by the homeowner may be needed after installation is completed.  The manufacturer’s warranty applies to all wholesale flooring products supplied by our company.  Most suppliers offer a 25 year finish and lifetime de-lamination warranty for all pre-finished products.  We offer a five year warranty for all installation labor and sub-floor materials supplied by us.